UN Paid Volunteer are between 18 and 55 years old, and work with UN agencies on the front lines of political, developmental and humanitarian operations.

Who are UN Volunteers?
UN Paid Volunteers are a separate category of UN Paid Volunteers recently created in response to the United Nations Secretary-General’s call for greater engagement in volunteerism of history’s largest generation of people. UN Paid Volunteers help the United Nations.


UN Volunteers receive a basic living allowance that allows the volunteer to live healthily and safely in the assigned area. If you volunteer outside of your home area, return airfare or land transport (as applicable) and some other basic costs are paid by the host agency. You will receive orientation and training before and after your assignment.

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Who qualifies as a UN Paid Volunteer?
The UN Paid Volunteer programme is looking for motivated and talented youth between the ages of 16 and 55. (Note: you must be younger than 55 throughout the duration of your service). The educational background and experience required varies by assignment, but generally both graduates and non-graduates are eligible to apply.

How To Apply:

  • All UN Paid Volunteer assignments to volunteer abroad application is only online.
  • Use the Application link provided on this website to start your application free of charge.

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  1. My name is TeklemariYam Nigus Kibur
    I am 45 Years old.
    I have Management in degree and diploma in sales.
    I leave in Addis Ababa ETHIOPIA.
    I need job. pleas Help Me.
    I thank you.

  2. Dear sir/madam
    I’m interested in becoming a UN Volunteer which was advertised few hours ago. It has long been my desire to serve humanity, and I think this is my opportunity to fulfill my dream.
    I’m a LIberian, and a bachelor’s degree holder in Accounting with emphasis in Economics.
    I look forward to getting your feedback.

  3. Asslamoalikum I want to join from Multan Pakistan plz guide me how I can join

  4. Dear Sir,
    I have great intrest to work togethet with you.Hence,could I get the chamce of adimmisiom?
    with regatds,

  5. Covering letter

    Gameel Hamoud Mohammed Saed Al-Hji
    Al-Basateen, Dar Saad, Aden
    Tel: +967 733216194 – +967 770267527
    Email: alhji2019@gmail.com

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    My name is GAMEEL HAMOuD MOHAMMED Saed AL-HJI and it is my honor to apply a position at your esteemed institution as a way to learn new experience and help promote your institution.

    My incentive to seek this job is that I have skills and capabilities that I wish to employ in comprehensive and sustainable development, apply best humanitarian practices to improve people’s living conditions and create common ground, reach convergence of views and alleviate people’s suffering. I also wish to improve my living conditions, achieve my scientific aspirations and enhance my skills and experience.

    Best regards,

    Gameel Hamoud Mohammed Saed AlHji

    Al-Basateen, Dar Saad Aden
    Tel: +967 733216194
    +967 770267527
    Email: alhji2019@gmail.com

    Date of birth


    Marital status

    Single now




    BA of Sharia and Law, Sharia and Law College, Sana’a University
    Training course at Higher Judicial Institute


    Lawyer for seven years
    Researcher and chairman of research center specializing in the development and modernizing legislations, feasibility studies as well as plans and programs economic projects and workforce distribution
    Volunteer for human rights awareness at various areas

    Personal capabilities

    Management human relief
    Advocacy and counseling for refugees
    Child and human rights awareness
    Awareness of risks of racism and discrimination


    Computer literate
    Ability to manage human relief programs
    Ability to convince and communicate ideas, reach common ground in settling disputes
    Ability to conduct strategic studies and researches that help develop strategic policies that aim to improve people’s lives and alleviate their suffering
    Ability to develop community and government awareness of the risks of corruption, crime, terrorism and other negative phenomena
    Ability to work under pressure in harsh conditions
    Good communication skills
    Punctual and accurate
    Team player
    Also :-
    I was applying for a job or work in Canada or America
    I want Qualify in CEC Visa to Canada
    The Canadian Experience Class
    I worked in Yemen Government The Assistant Prosecutor-General in yemen and the Head of the Criminal Registry worked in the Office of a Deputy Prosecutor
    I worked as a lawyer and legal consultant in a law firm. I also worked as the head of a center for research and strategic studies to develop and modernize legal systems and legislation in yemen
    I wite you Reply please
    GOD BLESS you

  6. I m interested by your oportunities and i need to poursue my studdies in master.
    Please aid me to find a university.

  7. I’m a male African origin living in Zambia aged 40years. My qualifications include Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Development Studies and Diploma in Secondary Teaching. I’m interested to work as UN volunteer in any part of World region where my services may be required.

  8. My names are Felina Mwale aged 36 years of Zambian origin and interested to work as a UN volunteer. My qualifications include a Certificate in Social Work and a Secondary Teachers Diploma in Food and Nutrition; and Home Economics. I have since worked in Zambia as a Social Worker for Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) for Kabwe Branch, also for International Youth Foundation (IYF) Kabwe Branch as Youths Projects Officer and lastly for Sport in Action as District Project Coordinator in Chibombo District.

  9. am a girl aged 21 and a graduate
    helping others has been one of my dreams since childhood and I would really love to become the member of UN volunteers

    thank you

  10. Yes I would like to be and I accept the offer. All requirements including the passport and other documents I have.

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