The University of Eastern Finland invites applications from international students who are excellent with evidence of past academic achievements for the 2019 Tuition Waiver Scholarships. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of the student’s academic excellence. The scholarship is personal and it is awarded for two academic years. The scholarship awarded for the second year is however conditional and tied to the progress of the student’s studies.
All IMPIT applicants are automatically applicants for the IMPIT living cost allowance, 620 euros/month. They have reserved living cost allowances for 14 best applicants. The decision will be based on the selection points specified in the student selection process.

Worth of Award

  • Either 100% or 80% of annual tuition
  • Waiver is given to 80% of those accepted students who are required to pay the tuition


  • Students who are required to pay the tuition fee
  • International students

How to Apply

  • Upon applying for admission to the program (a separate section in an admission form)
  • The merits of an applicant are evaluated on the basis of the sent documents, previous studies and grades, and possible interviews with the applicant. An evaluated motivation, fit for the programme, and a capability to study in a foreign environment will also be used as selection criteria. Valid applications will be ranked based on the aforementioned merits and on the experts’ evaluation, with the following evaluation criteria:1.    Academic grades of Computer Science or other relevant courses
    2.    Prestige and level of the home university
    3.    Relevant studies and other backgrounds
    4.    Letter of recommendation
    5.    Motivation

Deadline: Applications close on 31st August 2019.

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